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FanDuel and Draftkings Daily Fantasy Football Week 1 Brag and Bitch

In real football coaches spend their Tuesday’s going through game tape from the previous week trying to look at the good and bad plays in the previous weeks game in an effort to identify mistakes and improve the team going forward. In Daily Fantasy Football we do the same thing. We had some great calls […]

Fanduel & Draftkings Week 2 Daily Fantasy Football Strategy Guide and Player Picks

In the world of finance there is a common saying: “Past performance is not indicative of future results”. That’s not exactly true in daily fantasy football but there is some truth to it. The fish tend to swim towards last weeks big winners while avoiding last weeks big duds. The sharks know that sometimes last […]

Fanduel & Draftkings DFS Week 1 Daily Daily Fantasy Football Strategy Guide and Player Picks

Welcome to season two of “The Geek’s” weekly DFS strategy and player picks column. It’s been a long Not-Football-Season, but the wait is finally over. For those of you that were with me last season you will note a number of changes. First of all we have this snazzy new blogger template for the site […]

Using The Vegas Lines To Predict Fantasy Football Outcomes

For those of you that are regular readers of this blog you know that in Daily Fantasy Football we are always striving to find that slight edge on the competition. As a self proclaimed “Fantasy Football Expert” I constantly get tweeted “Who Do I Start” type questions from season long fantasy players as well as […]

The Basics Of #DFS Daily Fantasy Football – Fanduel & Draftkings 101

Being a new daily fantasy sports player can be a little overwhelming. While the game is simple to get into, there are countless lessons to be learned through experience, both by winning and losing. This article is all about the basics. From contest types to lineup selection this is a basic guide to Daily Fantasy […]

Draftkings NFL Kickoff Week 1 1K Freeroll + Other Tidbits

One of the things I love about the final weeks of August is all of the hype surrounding the upcoming start to the Football season. For DFS’ers like us one of the great things about this time of year is that all the big sites run promotions designed to get us to try out their […]

#DFS Strategy – The Geek’s Fundamental Rules of Daily Fantasy Football

With just a few weeks to go until Fantasy Football season gets in gear I thought it was a good time to go over some of the fundamentals of Daily Fantasy Football. I’ve spent the off season reading and ingesting books on DFS Strategies used by the pro’s to dominate the space. I’m even giving […]

Fantasy Football 2014 Draft Prep – Over & Under Valued Players at Each Position

It’s mid August and draft prep season is in full swing! We are all mocking like crazy (or you should be) right now in preparation for the highlight of the fantasy season. Draft day! It’s easy enough to look up ADP data and rankings and craft a basic draft strategy. Here on this site I’ve […]

RB Sleepers- 6 High Upside RB’s to Target For Your Fantasy Bench – Fantasy Football 2014

It’s always tricky to do a sleepers column because the definition of a “sleeper” varies wildly based on who you talk to. I’ve never been a fan of “Deep Sleepers” articles. I don’t see how knowing about some obscure 4th string WR or RB that could rise to mediocrity if a bunch of injuries happen […]

FanDuel Week 1 NFL Daily Fantasy Football Contests Are Now Open!

It’s been a long offseason but the wait is finally coming to an end. Fanduel has opened their week one NFL Daily Fantasy Football Contests!  FanDuel is going to be paying out over $ 10 million per week this season so don’t miss out!  As a Fanduel Affiliate site we have access to special affiliate only contests. […]

6 WR Sleepers to Target for Your Bench – Fantasy Football 2014 Draft Strategy

It’s always tricky to do a sleepers column because the definition of a “sleeper” varies wildly based on who you talk to. I’ve never been a fan of “Deep Sleepers” articles. I don’t see how knowing about some obscure 4th string WR or RB that could rise to mediocrity if a bunch of injuries happen […]

Draftkings Purchases Draftstreet – Rocks the DFS Industry

On Tuesday Draftkings announced that they have purchased Draftstreet forming what could be the largest Daily Fantasy Site in the industry. As many of you know Draftkings is one of the sites I’ve been recommending for the past few years due to their large player base, excellent user interface and large numbers of freeroll contests. […]

FanDuel MLB Freeroll Alert For Friday July 18th!! 3 Great MLB Welcome Back Freerolls Now Active

One of the best things about partnering with Fanduel is the ability to bring our readers the occasional EXCLUSIVE Fanduel Freeroll Contests. For anyone not familiar, Freerolls are DFS tournaments that are free to enter and pay out cash prizes.  The MLB All Star Break made for a very slow week for DFS addicts. I […]

2014 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy – 5 Big Name Players To Avoid In Your Fantasy Draft

Very often the difference between winning and losing in Re-Draft leagues comes down to which players you avoid in the draft. If you are a regular reader here you already know that I’ve already done hundreds of mock drafts as research for the blog and more importantly in preparation for my own league drafts. Most […]

Top 20 WR Rankings For 2014 – Updated 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

It’s always tricky to put rankings together well in advance of training camp and the pre-season games. So many tidbits of information are still lacking at the moment. Still with that said the top group, barring injury, should remain stable. Earlier in the off-season I put together my initial top 20 WR rankings. This is […]

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